The cardinal rule to keep in mind when seeking sound or eternal life biblical answers is in these verses

But it is easier for the heaven and the earth to pass away than one point of the Law to fail. JESUS in Luke 16:17 LITV

And you shall be careful to do as Jehovah your God has commanded you; you shall not turn aside to the right or left.  Deuteronomy 5:32 LITV

All the things that I command you, take heed to do them and you shall not add to it, nor take away from it.  Deuteronomy 12:32 LITV


BOTH OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS MAKE ALL THE DOCTRINES OF THE BIBLE UNCHANGEABLE EXCEPT AS NECESSITATED BY THE BODY OF JESUS (Colossians 2:16) OR BY HIS OWN SPOKEN ADJUSTMENTS. Note that Colossians 2:16 MAKES OBSOLETE OR CANCELS all that is mentioned in that verse. However, we must understand that the verse speaks of food (meat) OFFERINGS and drink OFFERINGS and not regular food and regular drink. Besides, there is no forbiddance on drinking in the Jewish Bible.

Also, the plural sabbaths, according to the Greek manuscripts, that were introduced by Moses are obsolete not the seventh day Sabbath, day of Jesus who, hence, is YHWH according to the ownership of the seventh day in Mark 12:8 and Isaiah 58:13, the day which the Israelites were called to remember to keep. The body of Jesus cannot be the shadow of the seventh day Sabbath as it is erroneously being taught by the Antichrist and his agents.

Again, the seventh day Sabbath cannot be obsolete based on the immutability clauses of the doctrines of the Jewish Bible, as Jesus also declares it in the New Testament.

What to hold and what to discard in the Bible

The Scriptures Discourse on Eternal Faith, Eternal Behavior, and Temporary Shadow of YHWH who was to Become Flesh. The New Testament discourses on the fulfilment of the Old Testament and the transfer of the Torah to the pagan world, according to Isaiah 2:3 and Micah 4:2.

The New Testament validates Eternal Faith, Eternal Behavior, and the fulfilment of the shadow of the body of YHWH God to become flesh to be known as Yhoshua (Jesus). Colossians 2:16, John 1, Romans 10:9-11, Luke 1:35, 2:11, John 3:16.

Determine whether or not your biblical questions pertain to one of the three themes which the Bible covers. Anything pertaining to the shadows of things pointing to the death of Jesus is no longer biding to be kept because it also requires the erected Temple and the priesthood to resume the rites in Israel and within the Temple.

The Genesis hallowed sabbath day of YHWH or of Jesus has remained in force because it was instituted at the creation of time as the day which belongs to Jesus. The last supper was instituted as a remembrance. Love one another was added as a new commandment. So, in Moses, all the old feasts or festivals pointing to the redemptive works of YHWH God, which were tied to Israel and the erected Temple, and the local judgments calling for the death penalty are no longer valid.

Behavioral rules can never be adjusted or changed in any generation. Faith in Jesus, the Only God Saviour (YHWH), gives eternal life.

Again, keeping in mind all the preceding summary, anyone can find the answer to their own biblical questions. 

Doctrines of Damnation 

  • Colossians 2:16-17
    Error: Purportedly loosens Moses. However, Jesus says He did not come to loosen Moses but to fulfill Moses
  • Matthew 28:1
    Error: Sunday Resurrection instead as Saturday resurrection as reported in the Greek language.
  • Luke 10:22
    Surprise: No one may know who Jesus and God the Father are on their own. No one can matriculate with a Theology Degree that imparts the knowledge of Jesus.
  • Psalms 83:18
    Confusion: Understand that Jehovah the most high on earth not in Heaven, according to the verse. That verse does not make Jehovah the Father of Jesus. Jesus completely ignores Jehovah during His Ministry. Jesus never asks anyone to play allegiance to Jehovah but to the New God the Father WHOM Jesus revealed or made known in Judaism. Judaism does feature Jehovah as 'our Father' but nowhere Judaism speaks of a 'God the Father' who had never been seen (Moses saw the back of Jehovah. Isaiah saw Jehovah with His own eyes. The New Testament says that Isaiah saw Jesus in His glory when He saw Jehovah) nor heard (Jehovah spoke to Adam and Eve, to Abraham, to Moses, even to the Israelites).
  • Luke 1:31-32
    Error: Jehovah is the Father of Jesus. No. Jesus was born Messiah YHWH in Loke 2:11.
  • The tearing of the veil in the Temple signifies the demise of the Old Testament. No. Read the significance of the tearing in Hebrews Chapter 9.

(16) Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes; cease to do evil;  (17)  learn to do good; seek judgment, reprove the oppressor. Judge the orphan, plead for the widow.  Isaiah 1:16-17 MKJV

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